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need help with a custom 22-250

I am looking for a 22-250. I was just going to buy a Rem 700 but found an ad for a custom one. It reads: Rem. 700 custom Varmint, 22-250, super smooth Broughton barrel, blueprint action, jewell trigger, HS stock, very accurate, barely broken in. $825 I don't have any idea of what I am looking at here. The off the shelf Rem varmint is not much less in price. What are the components of the custom? Is it worth the price? Should I just stick to the new Remington varmint? Thanks

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need help with a custom 22-250

Well, you have asked a very good question. As far as custom rifles go, it sounds like you may have found a lemon.Something doesnt seem right with that price, for all it has.I would be leary of buying any custom, without being able to take a "hands on" look at it.As far as the need for a custom, what will you be doing with it? for simple varmint hunting, I feel that one offers few advantages.I own several customs, and, they will not shoot much better than a good factory 700, until you really go all out on ammo, like using hand dies, match brass, bullets, and primers, and spens a deal of time working up loads.
As far as factory 700's. I owned a 700 VS in .22-250, and with average handloads, it would shoot consistent half inch groups, that is hard to beat, for the money. I hope I have answered at least part of your question, good luck.

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need help with a custom 22-250

I agree kgoody, the price sounds too good to be true. I you could go shoot it before you bought it, it might not be that bad though.

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