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Need help in Colorado unit 45

Well, we have covered numerous areas in unit 45 over the last 4 days. Covered up to 12 miles a day up and down mountain and drainages, call rangers stations for info and no fresh sign of elk anywhere.  Ranger station said we were the 5th person to call today.  It is as if they vanished and went on vacation.  Does anyone have and new areas to try? Feel free to send PM. appreciate the help.



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I can't help you on anymore

I can't help you on anymore places to check out but have you ever considered flying the area before the hunt to see if you can get a idea of where they are hiding? 

It has been a long time since I went for a joy ride in a plane so I have no idea of what it would cost you for a couple of hours, but it is a idea.  I do know that there are private planes flying out of the Eagle airport all weekend long and most are just joy rides from what I can tell. 

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