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Need help ASAP

Hey guys, I am new to deer hunting but I have been dying to since my wee little days. Any how, I finally got all my waterfowl gear and properties situated this year (my first passion) so I decided to get into some deer. Well, I got a hold of private property in unit 94, and purchased a tag. Three weeks before season, land owner tells me a friend wants to hunt it and would rather I dont. sad

So I am basically asking anybody if they know of some land there i can hunt, I have a buck tag. I know its alot to ask for, and I dont expect some one to give me a honey hole but any help would be awsome! Thumbs up

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Need help ASAP

Isn't there any pupblic land in that unit? I know private is better but public is better than not hunting!

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Need help ASAP

If your tag is a private land tag you can't hunt public with it. If it's a regular tag you can. Which do you have?

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Need help ASAP

Sounds like you've run into a brick wall. I'd return the tag and get another for a different area........or a refund.

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Need help ASAP

If you purchased a voucher from this fellow, you need to turn him in. Otherwise probably best to try to get an exchange for the tag. There are lots of deer tags for 23 & 24 available (north end of the white river national forest) for third season.

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