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Re: need help


Which one of your mouth calls is best is a really good question. When you are out calling, you certainly want to do the best job and use the “correct” call.

The truthful answer is that there really is no correct answer. You will hear all sorts of us turkey hunters tell you which type of call is “BEST”, but in reality most of that is in our minds. Each type of call has it’s advantages, but none are best. A caller in the woods has to decide which place to sit, when to call, how much to call, what calls to use, etc. So whether we have success or failure we need to make a decision – and then live with the results.

In my earlier reply I mentioned that the turkeys live in the woods all year and they are living with other turkeys and they see and hear those other turkeys every day. They know what their friends sound like. You should use the call that will not sound too much like a stranger just walked into the woods.

Your Double D will most likely sound more like most of the other turkeys in the woods. Most real hens are not real “raspy”. But I run into a raspy sounding hen at times and I tend to think that they are the most aggressive, maybe they are the older hens. They are rather vocal and seem to challenge my calling more.

In the fall hunts I use my raspy call the most as I try to sound like I am the boss hen and that usually brings in the fall flocks since they are usually in their fall family groups at that time and the younger birds think I am their mother. I have called in multiple family groups at one time.

So, if you are out in the woods in the spring and have never heard a raspy hen anywhere around, I think I would avoid that call in the early am. If there has been one around – I am one that would give it a try – along with my other calls. Many times I will be calling with my mouth call and my slate or box call at the same time – trying to sound like two different birds at the same time, like the real birds do.

If nothing is working as the day goes on and some hens are wandering off to feed or nest, I would try the raspy call then - again I would also use my other calls. It may bring in some of the younger hens and the gobblers may follow them.

It is kind of like fishing…..if the blue baits are not working – try another color. My wife laughs when I am playing an audio tape of turkey hunting advice. She starts to mimic the guys on the tape saying “….well if this doesn’t work…try this….and if that doesn’t work….try this…..” But that is the reality of most hunting and fishing tactics.

Another thing to remember is that the turkeys are there somewhere. They may be quiet – but they are there.

Again, good luck with your adventures.

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Re: need help

O.K. thanks Ithink ive got it figuired out.

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Re: need help

Never underestimate the power of a box call. I started out with one and still carry it with me. I actually use mouth, slate and box calls depending on the situation. But for ease of use a box call is hard to beat. Just be sure to keep it chalked up.

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Re: need help

OK thanks

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