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Need Help

Hello all,
I have a job opportunity in Aurora,CO and needed some info on the area. The job opportunity is still uncertain but I want to be prepared. Do you have any advice on nice areas to live,(within 30-45min of Aurora), good school districts, areas to stay away from, etc. Any advice would be helpful. I am currently living in Nashville, TN and dont want too much of a culture shock.

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Need Help

First, I am no way an expert on Colorado living. I've relocated from a small Ohio town less than 1 yr. ago. This is based on my opinions only, not shared by all. I like small towns with few people to deal with.

I can say that traffic can get terrible in and near the 470 outer-ring. However, a little longer drive is well worth not living in Aurora. I can say that Castle Rock is a decent place to live. Still a bit larger than I like, but better than the Denver area. It is approximately 30 miles from Aurora and would take you between 30-45 min. Lean towards the latter if you are driving during normal rush hours.

Parker seams to be an alright area. It is pretty busy, but it is newer and still somewhat affordable. It is about 20 min. on a good day. Again Better than the Denver area.

I would say anything East of Denver will be easier on your sanity as far as driving to Aurora, but it puts you out in the flat lands (farther from the Beautiful Rockies).

Personally I am moving from Castle Rock to Palmer Lake to get closer to the foot hills, but I work in the Southern end of Denver.

Good Luck!

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Re: Need Help

Muzzleman is right, if you want to reduce the population density, go east toward the plains. Although the city is growing out that way as well. Going south along the I-25 corridor generally increases the housing cost and commute time. Although if your in the house buying mood, there are probably deals to be had, although that probably applies to any direction in or out of Aurora.

Colorado is generally slower to go into recession and slower to come out of it, compared to the rest of the nation.

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Re: Need Help

Thanks Bitmasher and Muzzleman,
They wont be making a decision until 1st or 2nd week of january. I will just have to wait until then.
Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope Santa was good to all of yall.

Big cold front moving through today and tomorrow. Rain and wind for us in TN but the snow is everywhere North. Hopefully the ducks will fly south.

Good Luck


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