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Need Advice on hunting

I am a completely brand new hunter. I live in skagit County washington and I would just like to know any tips on getting started hunting. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some pointers. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Welcome to BGH! Help? What is

Welcome to BGH!

Help? What is it your looking for? Type animals, places, cartridge's ect? 

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Good for you.  Here's some

Good for you.  Here's some pointers to help you along.  I've hunted since I was six and love it.  I'm teaching my young boys to hunt right now.  

1.  Find a buddy to mentor you.  There's a lot to figure out and a mentor can show you the ropes.  Like where to go, how to do it, seasons, licenses, etc.  

2.  Take a hunter's safety course.  If you're a youngster, its probably mandatory.  I thought the class was lots of fun, and I'd wager you might find some hunters who'd be glad to take you out if you have trouble with the above.

3.   I'd also start hunting for squirrels or rabbits with a shotgun to get your first few kills under your belt.  Rabbits and squirrels are great to eat and fairly simple to clean.  This gives you lots of action and as you grow older in the sport you can become more of a connesiur.  Of course start with Big Game if you want, just realize it takes a while to become a good hunter and a bunch of us started small.  

4.  It doesn't take as much gear as some of the hunting shows portray.  This is another area where a mentor can help you.  

5.  Read the forums.  Lots of really good information, but take a lot with a grain of salt. 

Its in our nature to hunt.  Its what we are supposed to do.  Welcome to the family.  

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