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Need advice on backpack capable climber

I need to buy a new climber tree stand. I want something that is very portable, folds flat for easy backpacking and sits very comfortably.
Would appreciate any advice. I have access to a summit right now and while it is light and climbs well it is very awkward to backpack.

I hunt little suburban pockets of land and need to get in and out quietly and in some cases I will use a bicycle to get from my truck to the hinting area. I have had my last permanent tree stand stolen so it will be a climber full time for me

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Need advice on backpack capable climber

I too, have a Summit.

I have the Viper model and have no trouble with the backpack straps.

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Need advice on backpack capable climber

Welcome to BGH msasso.
I have used a Tree Lounge climbing stand for about 15 years and it is, by far, the lightest, most comfortable, and easiest to get thru the woods and set up than any other that I have tried.
I make my own now using similar specs as Tree Lounge but with modifications that better suit me and my hunting style but nothing wrong with a "stock" one at all.

Good Luck.


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Need advice on backpack capable climber

Another tree stand theft huh? That is so sad. I still can't see why anyone would steel a tree stand.

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Need advice on backpack capable climber

All of the climbers I've used are too noisy for me.

Try using an Ambush Sling with the large screw in tree steps. Honestly, I don't sell or endorse the Ambush Slings, but I love mine. It's changed the way I hunt. It's light weight and easy to pack in and carry around. You can carry it in and out without the worry of someone stealing it or hunting in your spot. It's also very quiet to set up. If you move around a lot or need a slight location change, it's quick and easy. I set up all of my spots months ahead of time and I'm ready to go.