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An Nebraskans here???

Hey guys and gals. I might have a chance at getting a job in Omaha, but the wife needs some (alot) of questions answered. I was hoping some of you may be able to answer some questions for me, so I have some ammunition to present her with and convince her. I know there are tons of websites that I could look at to compare things, but I would like to get it straight from people who live there. I know there are a few on here from Nebraska.

The main complaints I hear from people who speak bad about it are the weather, the taxes, that it's a strong conservative area, and there's not much to do if your single except get drunk.

However, we are conservatives, are relatively young (30's), and have a young son. So, half of those complaints won't apply to us.

So, here are some questions.

1. School system. I saw some places that said the schools are really good, mainly because of the high taxes. How would you rate the surronding schools?

2 Jobs. On the note of schools, my wife is a teacher. Is there anybody out there that is a teacher or is married to one, and can answer as to how easy/hard it is to get a job out there?

3. Taxes. Nobody seems to debate that they are high, in general. However, if I moved there, I'd look to live out west, in the 160-170 streets and beyond. Are there different tax rates out there, or is it all under the Omaha umbrella, so to speak?

4. Stuff to do. I've seen that there is the zoo, some museums, college sports (I'm a Penn State fan ), and so-on. Would you rate it as a place with a decent amount of stuff to do?

5. General cost of living. I don't mind saying, I'd be making about $110,000 a year there, not including if my wife got a job. Housing is alot cheaper there, that I know. Do you guys have Homeowners Association fees for the newer neighborhoods? How is gas? ($3.00 here now) General things like groceries? Car and homeowners insurance?

Sorry for all the questions, but it would be a really big deal to uproot the family, and I want to make sure she's comfortable with it. I see there are some recent California residents that moved there, so maybe you guys have some input?

Thanks for any replies!!!!!!!


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An Nebraskans here???

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