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nebraska mulleys wheres they best place to hunt them and do they have ant size to them

where are the best place s to hunt mulleys in nebraska or is it even worth going there any info would help out alot thanks

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depends on how you look at it

The best place with the most public land is the Pine Ridge.  The best place witht he biggest bucks is the Sandhills, but public land options aren't great.  I believe there has only been one B&C buck to ever come out of Nebraska.  At least there was a few years ago when I last looked. 

So, does that mean it's not worth it?  Up to you.  I love hunting in Nebraska.  You obviously don't have them in Ohio, and that's the closest place for you with the easiest tags to get. 

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I have not personally hunted

I have not personally hunted it, but I have seen some reports of some very respectable deer coming out of the central/western part of the state.  Maybe not B&C, but trophies in most peoples eyes......

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I saw a hunting show where

I saw a hunting show where Jeff Foxworthy took a pretty nice mulie in Nebraska. It was probably somewhere around a 140 inch mainframe with a bunch of kickers. That's not something I'd be passing on!

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We hunted the Sandhills SW of

We hunted the Sandhills SW of valentine two years ago, there is very little public land other than the National Forest which doesn't have much for trees, lots of rolling, grass covered "Sandhills".  There are numerous plum thickets but we went the last weekend and it had been hit HARD, lots of ATV tracks all over the place.  We did harvest a couple mulies, 4x4 and 4x5, but nothing special.  If you plan to hunt the national forest bring a GPS, as everything looks the same and there are numerous trails.

We are heading to Pine Ridge this fall, but are going to go the first weekend.

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thank you for all you re h

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the biggest mullies that i

the biggest mullies that i have seen have all been in the south western part of nebraska but central nebraska has big mule deer also but there alot more skidish and is much harder for you to go a good clear shot on them

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