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NE Deer Hunt In 2010

New to the site. Just stumbled across it doing some research for a 2010 western hunt. Myself and three brothers have been talking about heading west for a hunt for several years now and haven't done it. We are finally going to pull it off I think. We are looking for either archery or muzzleloader hunting for whitetails/mulies. I'm curious if there is anyone out there that could get me started in the right direction as far as where to go. What part of the state, public areas, etc. Thanks

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Re: NE Deer Hunt In 2010

do you want to hunt on your own or w/a outfitter? if outfitter then broken arrow outfitters has whitetails and mulies in western nebraska. hunted mirriams turkeys there last spring and saw hundreds of turkeys and many deer on the ranches. the state has a lot of public ground out west, with quite a few mulies on ground near chadron. Public ground during firearms season can be a little crowded i've heard but bow is supposed to be better