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Nationwide Airlines


I wouldn't expect many of you travel Nationwide, because they don't carry firearms..... but just in case, you might like to see this warning I received from PHASA this morning:-


We request all members to read this carefully, and advise their clients

ALL Nationwide flights from 13h30, April 29, have been cancelled until
further notice.

IATA spokesperson, Darren Sack, confirmed IATA had suspended Nationwide from
the BSP. Agents will, thus not be able to ticket Nationwide.

AGE, the investment company that was to have bought Nationwide, withdrew its
bid on Saturday, April 26. AGE ceo, Reggie Naidoo, told eTNW that the bid
was withdrawn as the deal was no longer “viable”.

The airline is said to have grounded its flights due to cash flow problems.

Airlines, BA Comair, and 1Time have confirmed they will not be
honouring Nationwide tickets.

Tour operators are advising their clients that no refunds will be available
and that new tickets will have to be purchased at full price.

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