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National right to carry

I'm posting this to go along with the Colorado bill being worked on right now. This failed last year but the political situation is a little different now so it will be interesting to see how it does.

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That would be cool!  We can hope for the best anyway.

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Well, I don't see it

Well, I don't see it happening.  The fight right now is for the states to be able to govern themselves on this issue, trying to seperate themselves from the federal government.

But, you would like to now have the government enact legislation that would make it a national law?

I think we, as gun owners, are pulling at both ends of the string.  We are okay with it being taken nationally if it suits our purpose (right to carry), but if the Fed's want to pass national laws against us, like the Brady Act, then we get all bent out of shape.

Would it be a great thing?  Absolutely.  Is now the right time to do it?  Not really.  Heck, we have the feds, states, cities, towns, and municipalities all trying to regulate guns.  We need to figure out, once and for all, where the authority lies, then go forward with our legislation.

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We already have a national

We already have a national right to carry, the 2nd amendment, anything else is just another law the courts can twist to fit their agenda. I would rather see congress dump all the gun laws they have piled on us over the last 100 or so years.

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National right to carry

No way this president will ever sign national right to carry into law.  No one who's devoted to making as many people as possible dependent on government will be interested in granting someone the right to self-protection. 

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Theory and Practice

While I support this law in theory, and believe it to be modeled after LEOSA, I have serious reservations about the implimentation and practice of this law.

I tend to be one that believes that true power rest with the states and their should be little, if any, federal intrusion on our daily lives. The fact that the NRA supports this bill is neither a make or break deal for me. Many times the NRA has been slow to involve themselves in cases that they had a vested interest in, Heller comes to mind here, and this gives me pause for concern. I need to see where SAF stands on this issue. I do agree that the Second Amendment should be the only permit or permission slip we need to carry as we go about our daily lives.

I view the federal government as society's admission of failure that we cannot conduct our lives.



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federal and state

Kind of funny when you stand back and look at it.  We want to favor the Federal level matters when they benfit us and reject things at the Federal level when we oppose them.  We want for the States to have more power than the Federal, yet when the State tries to restrict our gun rights we point out the Federal as taking presidence.  I think all States and jurisdiction should follow the US Constitution to the letter, then we would not have such a problem.  I'd like to see a national carry law passed.  I'd further like to see us according to the law be able to carry concealed without needing permission from the government to do so.  The 2nd Amendment is supposed to grant us that right.