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National Hunting Gear Field Test Panel

So, I got an "offer" to be a part of the National Hunting Gear Field Test Panel of the North American Hunting Club.  Supposedly, by being a member, they send you gear that you test, send back your opinion of the gear, and you get to keep what ever you test (I am guessing that the most valuable gear you would ever get to test might be a whistle) Confused .  Also, you get a magazine subscription, "exclusive" access to a website, special member pricing on books and dvds, etc., etc.  You get all these benefits for the low price of $1/mo.  It all sounds like a ridiculous marketing offer to me, but I was just curious if any one on this site has ever participated in these types of offers?   Thumbs up Any body want to fess up?  Any body "know somebody" or "has a friend" that tried these offers out?   Whistling

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Got em before

Yeah I've recieved offers from them in the mail, but not often and not recently, maybe about 5 or 6 years ago.  The thing is that I already support and carry annual membership with organizations like NRA, DU, B&C, and RMEF.  I can't give to all of them, so I have to be selective where my money goes and since I'm first and foremost an avid die-hard gun owner I support the NRA.  Because I hunt elk and mule deer, but elk more than any other species I support RMEF.  Because I hunt waterfowl most of all I support DU, but have been considering dropping DU and going with Delta Waterfowl.  Because I believe in fair chase hunting I support Boone & Crocket Club.  I just wish an organized well established Pronghorn conservation group existed then I'd support them too since I hunt pronghorn about every other year, sometimes every couple years. Pronghorn just aren't getting the support that other species seem to get. Thinking about joining the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership too.

I have no expectation nor do I care about receiveing any free gear from any of these groups.  My only expectation and requirment is that I get a good return on my investment.  Meaning that my money is spent wisely on protecting and preserving our constitutional rights and to further support sportsman conservation interests and Wildlife Habitat needs, ensuring me habitat and species will continue to exist and thrive. 

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