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NAS Against National Ballistic Imaging Database

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NAS Against National Ballistic Imaging Database

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NAS Against National Ballistic Imaging Database

Maybe Kalifornia's plan all along was to outlaw guns by 2010. If the gun manufactures don't have the technology by then, that would make all new guns illegal in that state in 2010. NAS is only against it for now because the technology is not perfected yet, and that's all.

Wonder how long it will be before all the handtools we own and use to build, fix, and maintain our homes must be tool-mark finger printed and entered into a national database before we can legally own them???? What about the tools we use to maintain our vehicles?? What about all of our hunting knives?? Are those next too??

Personal computers are the single most used tool and used in more life changing crimes in this world than any gun has ever been. Yet the FBI still has a difficult time tracing computers and criminal whereabouts.

I see more damage and devistation everyday on the way to work caused by careless driving. Careless driving!!!! Yet I see the law makers more concerned with taking away our 2nd amendment rights than taking away careless peoples driving privileges.

People think I'm crazy when I say this, and I'm not anti-government either. But, it won't be too long before the government is not only monitoring our every move, but regulating it as well. The only thing that is going to save us is the fact that they will never have the manpower to control every person in this country. There is far too many of us and we all need to fight this.