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mythical creature

Alright I have been going at it for about 3 years and have had very little luck. I am starting to think elk are a mythical creature that leaves excrement in the woods and shreds trees. I am really discouraged, I thought this year I would at least see one. Public land hunting is so difficult. I timed the moon right the weather changed, got back in an isolated area and not a darn elk to be seen. I don't really care if I ever get one I just want to see this mythical creature in the wild (no Estes Park tame elk). On another note, I love the adventure, love camping and just being out there. Also I saw a bull moose at 35 yards thought it was an elk and knocked an arrow, sucker turned and I saw his massive beard and took a picture instead. I posted it but it is real grainy, I guess if I had a moose tag I might have been eating moose for a year. Good luck to all public land hunters, the true test in perseverance.

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here they are

pictures attached

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mythical creature

I felt as you did at one time. Just keep hitting the country and learning and you'll see em and get one I assure you.


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mythical creature

Hey man hang in there. It takes time to get em figured out but once you do your success rate will rise.

on another note at least youve seen a moose ive lived in Colorado my whole life and never seen one pretty cool!

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mythical creature

I may be telling you things that you already know but here goes. First off you need to scout the area and get to know where the critters hang out at. Then when bow season show up you should have a good idea of where they are. Then your hunting style. Do you use a tree stand, or try to move through the forest hoping to surprise one? Right now I know of a 5 and a 6 pt bull elk that will make it through the rest of the season just because of where they are located at. It is a 1 1/2 mile hike up hill to get them out so I figure that they can stay where they are at for now.

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mythical creature

Hey, I finally got my bull this week after living in Idaho for 5 years. Born and raised in Ohio, I was a deer hunter. Keep plugging away and learn what you can about them. I have never seen a cow in the wild and this was the 3rd bull i ever saw. It was right place/ right time. I cow called 3 times and he walked right out.
The first bull I bugled in 2 years ago and he was pissed, I tip toed to find cover and could not get into position. I realized after that if I would have moved quicker and not worried about the noise, it would have been all over for him.
My hunt this season....and not to rub it in , but I put my phone on silent at 6:52 when I got out of the truck. Walked a short way, cow called 3 times and ran 50 feet to get in some kind of cover after he chuckled back quietlyand headed my way. He was recovered, dead on the ground with my arrow through both lungs at 7:08. 16 minutes of hunting.....
They are unpredictable
I wish you great success

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mythical creature

I echo what they all said above. I elk hunted for 7 seasons (6 rifle and 1 archery) before finally getting my bull this archery season.

This summer I saw elk everywhere on scouting trips. When opening day of archery came, they were nowhere to be found. I hunted for 9 days before seeing an elk, and 10 days before getting a shot.

It was tough, I got discouraged too! The day I shot mine it was raining (the cold miserable type of rain) and I almost packed it in and went home figuring it wasn't the year. I was actually contemplating quitting elk hunting (I was pissed lol).

I looked for an obscure drainage on the map and hiked back into it for about an hour. Sat down to take a break, looked up and there he was 100 yards away. Stalk and the rest is history.

So keep at it, the reward is worth it!

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