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Mystery Buck Outfitters

Hunt Nova Scotia wilderness where whitetails have rarely seen humans. There are big bodied 300 lb and 200” B&C Non-typicals patrolling these 10,000+ acres. There are no guarantees, this isn’t farmland and these bucks are smart. You’ll see lots of does while waiting at 1of 8 baited stands but there’s now way of knowing when the mystery buck will step out.


There are also black bears in the area so we could easily do a combo hunt.

For those that tag out early Oct-Nov is prime striped bass fishing




Bear Sept 12-Dec 3

Deer (Bow) Sept 24- Dec 10

         (Rifle) Oct 28-Dec 3



Mystery Buck Outfitters

Ian West


Halifax, NS




The biggest buck for Nova Scotia in 2010.

210” Medusa Buck shot in Pictou Co. NS





175” Gross typical shot by Mystery Buck Outfitters in 2010



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