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My Wifes 6A Bull Elk

Opening morning we head out on the ranger before daylite we go to a spot where I had seen elk in the past we park the ranger on the side of the road and I start glassing the hill. I see a herd of elk feeding so I tell my wife to get her back pack and rifle and lets get going. We walk maybe a half mile and get in front of the herd and it is still dark as soon as the sun came up they start walking right in front of us. Im glassing and spot some bulls coming from the back of the herd I tell my wife if she sees them coming towards us and she says yes.I tell her to get set up I give her the shooting sticks as I keep glassing the elk they are now crossing in front of us at 75 yards we see some spikes I tell my wife if she wants to shoot one she says no. I tell her this is her first elk hunt what does she want to shoot she tells me the biggest one of the herd. Well now we have a 2 point and a 2 by 1 at 75 yards I look at her and she nods no I start glassing and see a 4 point up in front of the herd I point him out and she says ok. So we gather our stuff and start to head to the front of the herd when I look right and see two bulls feeding I tell her to wait pick up the vortex and see two nice bulls feeding and they didnt have a clue we were there. I motion her over and set up the shooting sticks and tell her to take her time and get set up on the bull thats on the left. I range the bull and he is at 200 yards I let my wife know the yardage and tell her to shoot right behind the shoulder I look over at my wife and she is shaking like a leaf I tell her to calm down take her time and squeeze. I get back on the bulls with the binos waiting for the shot and nothing I look over and she is breathing so hard her scope is getting fogged up and she cant see. Finally I calm her down and she is back on the bull I tell her to shoot right behind the shoulder I go to pick up my binos and boom I see the bulls running she says I hit him. We wait a little and go and look where she shot and the bull jumps up and runs 30 yards and beds we keep an eye on him for an hour and he gets up but he is behind a tree. We walk to the left and foward the bull tries to run and my wife puts to more bullets in him and hes done! We walk up to the bull and she is the happiest woman in the world now the fun part of loading the bull on the ranger it was an adventure in it self. Thanks to the two guys who helped us get the head in the ranger so I could drag the elk to the only tree out there. Thanks to my Dad for watching the kids while we hunted and a big Thanks to MR Marty Metz for letting us stay in your cabin! Finally Thanks to my wife for shooting straight and for sharing this adventure with me!


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Congratulations to you and your wife on a nice bull.  I saw the pics before reading and could not figure out how you got that thing on the ATV.   Must of been an experience. 

  Thumbs up


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Wow, that's a beauty!!!! And

Wow, that's a beauty!!!! And the elk is pretty good too.... Whistling


That's a heck of a bull!  Great story, congrats to your wife.  Also, welcome to the site!  Lots of great information to be found on here, and we'd love to have you jump in with some more stories like this, and any photos of past hunts!


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Congrats on the elk!!!

Congrats on the elk!!!

Did this hunt take place in Arizona?

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Welcome to BGH

Sweet bull, congrats to your wife.

Hopefully I'll get drawn some year,

 I have 7 points for elk.

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Great job to you and your

Great job to you and your wife. Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up

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Yes, 6A is an AZ unit just

Yes, 6A is an AZ unit just southeast of Flagstaff.  I saw these pictures on another site the OP frequents and I was in that unit helping my buddy on his two week archery hunt in September this year.  We were into elk all but one of the 14 days and if we had been using a rifle John would have killed a number of beauties like in those pictures (elk that is  CA, LOL!).  We just couldn't get close enough to seal the deal with a bow because the rut hadn't kicked in and the bulls weren't coming to a call.  Run and gun type tactics may have worked, but my buddy had a bum knee that really hindered moving at anything but a snails pace.  He ended up having surgery a few weeks ago for a torn miniscus and arthritis in the joint.

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Congrats, nice elk, nice

Congrats, nice elk, nice story, great family fun!!! Thumbs up  

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Congratulations to the Mrs.

Congratulations to the Mrs. on a fine bull for sure. That is a great way to spend a hunting season.

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