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My wife's 1st!!!!

Jamie(my wife) and I spent last weekend with Gander and his father in Wyoming for some antelope huning and as always it was a great time!! I finally had convinced to come antelope hunting with me. She has been elk hunting before but that was a few years ago.

We saw some really cool things. We saw a badger chase off a coyote and a knock down drag out brawl between two bucks....man they should have been in the octogon.

Saturday brought alot of excitement, we almost got run over by a herd of about 20 or so...almost had to shoot a buck in self defense LOL!! Well after some very disappointing misses Jamie was starting to doubt herself. I know she can shoot and she shoots well almost can out shoot me, so late that afternoon I set out a milk jug at 100 yards and she smoked it. Cinfidence re-installed!!

Sunday started out real slow as the wind kicked up and the antelope were just not moving. So after a short nap we headed back to the tent for some lunch. After a bite to eat she said she was gonna take the gun for a walk to were we had seen some the night before, I am sure glad I went with her!! We started out walking and did not take long to spot a goat, well after 100yards of crawling and 50 yards of army crawling we were in perfect position. There was two does and buck and they were bedded down. They had no clue we were there. I ranged them at 200 yards, after a short bit the does does stood up and starting to walk away. I was calling out the ranges to her, but she never heard me and as I said she is 250 I heard the crack of the gun go off. To this day I will tell you I thought she missed as I saw a cloud of dust kick up right behind here, but as I watch her she goes 25yards and piles up dead!! I think I was alot more excited than she was!! She made a heck of a shot and I am so proud of here to stick with it after a rough beginning. After inspection she made a perfect shot...destryoed the liver and came out thru the heart...doe never had chance...that .257 Roberts is a shooter!!

Here are some pic!!

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My wife's 1st!!!!

congrats to the huntress!

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