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My Utah Elk Hunt

Thanks to a few pm's from a member here Critter you know who you are here is a picture of my Utah archery elk. 

I took him on the Manti unit in Central Utah.  I spotted him from a long ways away and was able to drive my truck to about a 1/2 mile of him before I started my stalk.  I was jumping deer all over the place but since I knew where this guy was I wasn't going to ruin it by shooting a deer.  Once I got within about 200 yards I took my boots off and put on two pair of heavy wool socks and sprayed down with sent spray.  Then the stalk was on.  At about 50 yard I started to bump cows but they would only go off a ways and then begin to feed again.  The cows were moving uphill so I figured that this bull would be following them so I got behind some trees and waited.  Another bull came out at about 30 yards but I couldn't get a shot at him.  For some reason it seamed like he knew that I was there but knew that he was safe as long as he kept a few trees between me and him.  I was debating on weather or not to go after the first bull when I heard something behind me and lower on the hill comeing towards me.  As slow as I could I turned my head around to where I glimpsed a set of antlers coming through the trees right at me.  I knew if I turned around for a shot that I would be busted so I waited, those were the longest minutes of my life other than waiting for my first daughter to be born.  I had one hope, there was a fir tree between us and if he passed on the other side of it I would have a chance to turn and draw my bow.  He did just that.  At 10 yards I let the arrow fly and the bull took off.  I had no idea if I had hit him or not but I knew that I couldn't miss at that range but did I?  I was shaking so bad that I had to sit down for a couple of minutes and then once I regained my composure I walked over to where he had been standing.  There was no blood so I thought that I better start looking to see if I could find my arrow.  it was laying on the ground andit was covered in blood, now my heart was really racing.  I sat down again and decided to wait a hour before I started out trying to track him.  That was along houir.  I got on his trail and within 10 yards I was seeing lots of blood, I hadn't gone 40 yards and there he was pilled up against a dead tree.  If I would of gotten my binoculars out and looked the driection that he had ran I would of seen him but hey, this is my first elk.  Now don't laugh but I got out a book that told you how to butcher them in the field and sat down and started to read on how to do it again.  By the time that I was finished you couldn't tell what had the most blood on it.  Me, the book, or the elk but 6 trips later to my truck I was done.  By the way if any of you take your boots off for a stalk hang them in a tree where you can see them.  I am going back up there next weekend and see if I can find mine.  It was a good thing that I had a pair of tennis shoes at the truck or I would have some real tired feet. 

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Very nice and congratulations

Very nice and congratulations on a fine looking bull. LOts of great memories and dinners to come.

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Great looking bull! Huge

Great looking bull! Huge congrats!

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That is a beautiful bull!

That is a beautiful bull! Especially for a first bull. You gotta love when things fall into place. Dont get used to the 1/2mile down hill packout though. The norm is far longer and almost always involves a big hill. or maybe im just not that lucky.

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Congrats on a great hunt.

Congrats on a great hunt. Thanks for sharing!

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Looks like you got it done

Looks like you got it done and by yourself that is a accomplishment by itself.  Now sit back and enjoy the great meat that you now have. 

Are you or did you butcher the cuts yourself or did you take it down to Fords?  Once you have it deboned it is a piece of cake to cut and wrap it up yourself but it is nice to have someone with a power grinder do the burger for you. 

Let me know how your cow hunt goes this December, I know of a few places that it should be a cakewalk to get one of them down and out. 

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Thanks for the replies.  I

Thanks for the replies. 

I went back up there yesterday and after about a hour of searching I found my boots that I had left at the base of a tree.  I think if I do it again I take them off and set them on a stump or somewhere that I can see them from a ways off.  I was paying so much attention to that bull that I didn't pay any attention to where I had place them. 

But live and learn. 

Critter I may take you up on that area for a cow.  I don't know what I would do with two elk in the freezer, but my wife thanks you for the help on all the good meat that is in there now.

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Congradulations on a

Congradulations on a sucessful hunt. Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations on a fine bull!!!

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Congrats !!!

Congrats on a super bull ! Thanks for sharing the story and pic.


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bugman, Great job on your


Great job on your bull.

Kudos to Critter. You are one of many he has helped over the years. 

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