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My son, home form the Army and Afghanistan, shoots his first deer.

At 7:45 this morning I heard the snap of the crossbow from my stand and I knew my son shot at a dee. I turned to see if I could see it run and I saw it running down the hill about 50 yards behind me. After a few seconds I heard it crash. A few minutes after he shot it he got down, found the arrow, and was yelling for his Dad.(me) He laid the smack sown on this doe. Just because he isn't younger it's not any less exciting. He did everything just like I told him and he said that was a huge rush. Even more than when he was in Afghanistan. I say I have another family member hooked for life. He already can't wait to get back out there and put another one down.

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Now that's a welcome home to remember.

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Congrats to you and to your

Congrats to you and to your son! I'm sure that was a great feeling. Thumbs up

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We never forget the first one!

Congrats to him and to you

Tell him he is not alone - I didn't take my first deer until I was 20. That was over 20 years ago and I was hooked for life!

Thumbs up

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