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Wow!  Pretty nice deer.  I'll

Wow!  Pretty nice deer.  I'll bet her husband and son had pretty big smiles on their faces too.


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That is an awesome deer.  I

That is an awesome deer.  I would shoot that deer anytime.  1st thing openeing morning I would beb pulling the trigger on a bo6y like that.  Congrats to all those involed in the harvesting of a truly great mule deer.

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Nice Deer!!!  I love the

Nice Deer!!!  I love the basket rack it has. 

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  That is one great


That is one great Muley Buck!  And at 300+ yards is an awesome feat!  Congrats definitely to Monica!!!  Wow!!!

Okay I will say what all others won't (those of us that have yet to get a nice mule deer buck close to this one or any mule deer buck at all)... that is defintely Mule Buck envy!!!  Wow!!!

Great harvest and fantastic tag team of knowledge that led to this.  Thanks for sharing the pics Critter!  Just made my desire increase to tag a nice muley mystelf taken to a whole new level!!!


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Congratulations Monica! That is an awesome buck!

Wow Critter !  That is an awesome buck!   He’s not only a keeper - he’s a wall hanger for sure – I am sure that every one of us here would be glad to connect with a buck like that.  As posted before that’s the buck of a lifetime!  He is very impressive and shooting from three hundred yards is impressive for anyone.  I don’t like to shoot anywhere near that far away so I am sure she was out of her comfort zone too.  These mule deer can be just plain amazing.  They make my local whitetail just seem PUNY in comparison to those high wide muley racks.  Your scouting tips sure didn’t seem to hurt anything and the results are undisputable.  I bet her husband deserves a bit of credit in this equation too, so congrats to the whole family including you and to her husband as well - but especially to your niece -  Congratulations Monica!  Thumbs up

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