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My Nieces Deer

My niece drew a coveted Utah Book Cliff limited entry deer tag this year.  Her husband made quite a few scouting trips out there to see if he could find a decent buck for her to shoot.  After a few trips he decided to call me since I had hunted the area quiet often before it became a limited entry hunt.  He said that he wasn't seeing that many nice bucks but was seeing a lot of the smaller 3 and 4 point bucks.  After I told him where to go to do some scouting and possibly where I would go if I had the tag he made one last trip out there.  I didn't know the outcome of that scouting trip or even if they had found any deer during the deer hunt which was a week later until I saw these pictures after hearing a rumor of what she found. 

They spotted this buck about a half mile off and after a 3 hour stalk it was starting to get dark and it was the last day that she was able to hunt.  They were within 300 yards and a little bit over her comfort zone for a shot but between her husband and oldest boy she decided to give it a go.  She was able to get a prone shot with her .270 and at the shot the deer went down and didn't get up. 

Here are the results.  I haven't heard the final measurements either B&C score or even the width but it is a keeper.   

Monica's Deer.jpg
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Monica's Deer 2.jpg
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Critter, pass my

Critter, pass my congratulations on to your niece and her husband on getting a fantastic buck. Her pictures with that brute and her smile tells the whole story. She looks very proud and happy and she sure should be be. Looks like some of our tips might have helped. Very cool and thanks for sharing.

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Wow, that is one heck of a

Wow, that is one heck of a mule deer!  A huge congrats to your niece!  Up until now, the only mule deer hunting I have done in the Rockies was in Utah, and I absolutely loved it. 

Looking at that deer, and her smile, I don't think a B&C measurement is going to make a difference to her either.  Tell her we're all impressed!

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Congratulations to your niece

Congratulations to your niece on a fantastic buck. Your information help obviously helped get them going in the right direction. I only have one point for Utah deer at this time but if I ever manage to draw I will be asking lots of questions for sure.

Congratulations again and be sure to pass it along from all of us here.

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Congrats !!


Congrats to your niece on an awesome muley ! Thumbs up The smile says it all !


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Congratulations to Monica on

Congratulations to Monica on a really nice buck!

One shot from 300 yards and a dandy deer - what more could you ask for.


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I dream of getting a muley buck like that! Big congrats to her!

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Congrats to your niece

congrats to your niece shooting that awesome buck! I would love to shoot a buck like that one day

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Great buck! and they say the

Great buck! and they say the Book Cliffs "don't produce monster bucks anymore........"Congrats on a buck of a lifetime!

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great buck!

great buck!

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my congrats to her.  very

my congrats to her.  very nice buck and will look good on her wall.

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