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My Nevada Ruby Mnt Hunt

    Well Nevada has always been good hunting, but this year the weather was much hotter than we wanted and a full moon was no help. Neverless we as always had a ton of fun just hanging out with the gang. This time over there  I didnt see as many deer as in the past. I did get to harvest a buck in a sage brush bowl that had no cover in it, and there was eight doe's and three bucks feeding at 500 yds away. After watching them for a while I decited to go ahead and take the four point. Finally after all the summer practicing at the shooting range with my 300WSM it was going to pay off. The buck started heading out to bed down since the sun was comming out, so I ranged him again and he was 520yds, I put my backpack on a rock for a steaddy rest took my time and pulled the trigger (bang) Pause,Pause then thump!!! The buck turned and ran straight towards me and piled up. Here he is.


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Congratulations on another

Congratulations on another successful hunt. Looks like a great buck to me, especially with the weather like it was. Looks liek you got  abit of a sunburn even. Not something you plan on for a deer hunt. Practice is the key for those long range shots. I took two this year at just over 500 yards but with confidence I never would have had just a couple of years ago.

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That's a beauty of a buck

That's a beauty of a buck Hog! I have always loved seeing some of the deer that come out of Nevada.  It seems to be a sleeper in terms of popularity.  People think of Colorado, Arizona, Mew Mexico, Utah, etc., for mule deer.  Nevada seems to be an afterthought.  You obviously have it figured out though. Wink

Congrats on a heck of a buck!  Now, haven't seen too many buck or hog reports from you in California, so you better get back here and get to work. lol

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Good Job on a Good Buck!

That buck looks to be in perfect condition.  The deer I've seen coming off the mountain this year have been in fantastic shape with fat measured in inches on the hips.  You've got a great trophy and some great eating to look forward to.  Congrats!

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congrads thats one nice

congrads thats one nice looking deer

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Congrats !!


Congrats on another great muley ! Thumbs up Also congrats on a great shot ! Yes


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Very nice. Congrats!!!

Very nice. Congrats!!!

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Thanks to all!

 Thanks for all the kind comments.

 I findly got my photobucket account fixed, so I added more pics.

Thanks Phil

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  That is a great buck you


That is a great buck you got there!  Congrats on a fine harvest and definitely congrats on the long-range shot made.  I have yet to have the opportunity to make that kind of shot but can do so now - only from the practice I have done - and only from about two months ago.  That is also some great looking area you hunted.  Congrats again from a yet-to-harvest-a-mule-buck and very envious fellow hunter... but still enjoyed your success here!  Thumbs up



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