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two rifles

BikerRN wrote:

I'm finding that needs and uses for a battery changes over time. This is what I consider my basic battery for all practical uses:


Handgun: 40 S&W seems to be the most practical and easiest to scrounge ammunition for from local LEO's.


.22LR Hunting (Ruger 10/22)

5.56/.223 Defense/Hunting (AR is very versitle and can be used for both)

.300WM Hunting/Long Range Defense

12 Guage Hunting/Defense


While I like the .308 you will notice I selected the .300 WM as my choice in this battery. I did so, not because I find the .308 lacking for most applications but because of the greater range at which larger game animals can be taken. I tried to look at this from an all possible scenarios viewpoint, and while the .308 may be easier to scrounge ammunition for, one can always pull the .308 bullets they scrounge if they save their cases.

If I was to add a second centerfire rifle I would scrap the .300 Win Mag in favor of the .308 and add a 9.3 x 62 or .375 to the mix. 




First, let me say that I'd likely agree that for a one rifle big game hunter a .300 mag, as you chose, likely makes the most sense. I, for sure, like the 2 rifle idea though, like your chosen .308 (a great round) and then a heavy rifle like 9.3x62 or .375. I have a 9.3 and like it a lot, but I'd also suggest if you ever get serious about looking, that you think about the .35 Whelen as well. It's taken far too long for the Whelen to become entrenched, but it finally seems to have a firm hold with hunters wanting a medium, medium bore. Close in performance to the great .338WM, but not nearly so difficult to handle. Thumbs up

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I have really trimed down.

I had more rifles than I could use for 50yrs. But several years ago I trimmed way down. I have a Ruger P89 for defence. Out here it'll probably rust away long before it's ever needed. Actually if I was serious about protection, I'd get a Stevens 311 in 12 ga. Then cut the barrels to 18 1/4" and do away with the butt stock, leave only the pistol grip on it. Much more effective than any handgun. Unless, of course your talking about a concelled weapon? I have all the rifles and then some I'll ever need agaim, not a magnum in the cabnit. 243, 25-06, 6.5x55, 6.5-06 and a 30-06.

I've also got an old 22mag I never use but can't sell it bec ause I still have a box of ammo! Also a High Standard HD Military, super 22 auto will out shoot most 22 rifles. A Savage 1917 32 short auto, never even touch it. A mod 17 Smith 32 Long (the K32 kit gun), Love that thing and a Smith 44-38 that I love. 38 special built on a 44 special frame.

As for keepimg a handgun around the house with young kids, I always did. But they were never kept a secret. Anytime they wanted to fool with them, I allowed it. But they always asked me first. Then I'd take them in to get it and my son has never picked up a firearn without checking to see if it's loaded. I think it's neither fair to you or the child to not have something you want, For the benifit of the child he/she learns gun safty right from the git go. When other kids come in the house, with their parents permission, I always showed them the firearms if the asked. They learned the same as my son. To denigh yourself doesn't acomplish much. Worrying about the kids only is warrented when an object is off limits, period. You want to see a kid get into something it's not supposed to, put it up, keep it out of sight and tell the kid he/she is not allowed to touch it. I guarentee that they will search the house for it when the baby sitter is there!

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Thanks for all of the encouragement and comments guys.


You are right.  It’s that fun factor that gets the better sense of my budget ! Lol 


I can’t argue that my ‘ideal’ battery will likely change and evolve over time.  Maybe I should keep a few extras just in case!  There are heirlooms that are destined to be handed down.  Those will not be sold of course, but there are still a few that I can and SHOULD move along to make more room in the gun safe.  But I am following the lead that you guys planned out years before – before the firearm goes – I need to shoot up the ammunition that goes with it and pare down to fewer cartridge chamberings for a start.   


In the last couple of months I have parted with all my twenty gauge and sixteen gauge shotguns and ammunition, and I have rolled the proceeds into a sweet Saiga twelve gauge and managed to pick up and rehabilitate a couple of twelve gauge side by sides as well.  I may not end up with them twenty years from now but it gives me the chance to evaluate them and work them hard not only in the field after birds and bunnies but also on the trap range.  They MUST go bang every time for hundreds of shells in a row to be considered for my permanent collection.


As a side note I'm not the least bit concerned about my family handling the guns.  My son is my hunting partner and I literally trust him with my life.  There are not many adults I would walk ahead of when they are holding a loaded shotgun let alone children, but I know my son is responsible and knows safe gun handling.  I choose not to have the handgun in the house because I don’t have the same level of confidence in all of his present and future friends who may be in the house throughout the teenage years.  I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I have no problem with anyone who makes a different choice or evaluates the risk differently than I do.  To each their own, its just the choice that I have made to live with for the next few years.


Thanks for all of the encouragement and comments guys.  Like you I HATE the idea of getting rid of anything – especially anything that goes BANG!   But I have to say that I am loving getting the upgrades.