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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)


I had been planning this trip all my life, but living in the city made it very hard for me. But now I live in Central PA and all my dreams came true but one. Dreams were living somewhere that was suburban, a nice family, enjoy the freedom of using firearms in a safe environment, lot's of fishing and ***LOTS of HUNTING*** and here is my story. I went one day before the hunting season and sighted in my rifle at 50 yards and hit nothing but bull’s-eye, everything was looking so prefect, that night I lost sleep thinking of the biggest day of my life is about to come going "DEER HUNTING" (after 39 years). Well here is the first day of deer hunting, I get up at about 3:00am ready by 4:10am and out the door by 4:30am. My buddy Bucky takes me out for my first deer hunt, he puts me in a nice place by a bunch of pine tree, the place looked like a place where deer’s sleep. I sat there from 5:00am to about 8:15am. I though I heard deer noises, But I was wrong it was nothing but little chipmunks messing with my head at one point I heard a louder sound, I look over and stud very still and out jumped a squirrel, no big deal it's still early. Then I noticed someone walking in my direction, it was my buddy Bucky, he tells to come with him to where he is hunting. He tells me that he spotted about eight deer (1-buck and 7-does), I picked up all my stuff and followed him. He finds me a spot but where he is sitting and tells me not to make any noise and to sit very still and whispers I guess you are going to get your first deer today. I sat and at about 9:35am he spots three doe's and tells me where to look and there at about 30 yards stand the three doe's And Bucky tells me shot one. At this time I'm still sitting, I tell him I can't from here, wondering if it was OK to stand up without spooking away the doe's and he tells me get up and shoot one, I aim and take the shot and my buddy tells me you missed and one of the doe's just layed down, take another shot he tells me. I pull on the bolt, the shell ejects I aim at the one laying down, I pull the trigger and all I get is a click "OH NO". I pull the bolt again this time the right way, by this time the doe are walking away and are about 20 yards. I aim pull the trigger and BANG. And my buddy tells me you missed again and all I kept thing was "I SUCK". We checked to make sure I didn't shoot one and no trace of blood. We are sitting talking about what I did wrong and my buddy tells me he saw something walk into the pine trees in front of us at about 60 yards. Get ready he tells me, I noticed where the deer were , I take aim but lose sight of them and my buddy tells me their are about seven doe's., do you see them and I tell him that I see a few so he tells me again take the shot. I take one shoot but NO LUCK. They walk off again. Boy, No Luck on my big dream. No deer and my friend tells me that I am very lucky to see 10 doe's on my first day of hunting is great but that I SUCK.
Brick Wall,) Cry baby banghead

I think if I had somewhere to rest up against It would of been a different story I would of had at least a doe and a good story.

No Big Deal**
Better Luck next time, You Never Know!!!

Yours Truly
The Brown Redneck.... Joker

Give Me a "YOU SUCK" if you like my story. Thumbs up

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

Yeah you do suck neener!
Better luck next time.

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

You suck dude Thumbs up

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

Man, I wish the deer in my area would just walk away when I miss them....your a better man than I am for even telling that story!....No seriously ,figure out what the problem is and go at it again.Much luck....sharp-shooter!

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

My guess is you were nervous and couldn't hold the gun still. Another common mistake is "flinching" when you squeeze the trigger.

Try and relax, shooting a deer is a lot easier than hitting a bullseye at 50 yards.

Keep at it, and better luck next time. Thumbs up

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

A little practice will make perfect as they say!

Keep at it! No use running your head into a brick wal.. Brick Wall,)

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

You suck? Hell you didn't even scare the deer bad enough to make it run! I really hate it when you miss and the thing's just mosey away like nothing happened. Laugh Great story tho.

Welcome to BGH!

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

You suck! Just keep practicing. You may want to get a tripod or something to that nature. It will help out quite a bit if you are nervous. Have several buddies that have killed tons of deer, but would "suck" if they did not have a rest.

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

We all have missed. I'd purchase a set of shooting sticks...like stoney point. Practice on them and next time you'll be ready.

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

YOU SUCK!!!! neener! But atleast you were seeing deer. Just keep practicing and you should be able to get a deer soon. Welcome to BGH and good luck Thumbs up

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My first day of deer hunting (OH BOY, OH BOY)

If you were shooting while standing with nothing to lean on then it's no wonder you missed all the shots. Next time try to find a rock or tree to help stabilize the gun. If you can't find anything simply go prone and shoot at it that way. Shooting off the hand is incredibly difficult to do.

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