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Nice Job.  Never easy to

Nice Job.  Never easy to connect archery and you did it your first trip to a new area.

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Way to get it done. 

Way to get it done. 

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Doesn't get any better then that !!!

Congrats on two great hunts and a great cow. Thanks for sharing the great story and pics.


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Very nice, I hope my first

Very nice, I hope my first elk hunt goes half as well this fall. Its gonns be some very different hunting from what I'm used to that's for sure!

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I am sure you will have an

I am sure you will have an awesome time! Have you decided on a season and hunting unit yet? Will you be in CO?

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fine hunt

excellent, well done !

this made me laugh,

“well this is enjoyable, but the chances of us walking along and actually seeing something out here in all this huge expanse of woods has got to be slim to none!”

I haven't yet seen an elk while hunting, but live in hope ;-)

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Accounting of your hunt! Nothing like being on the hunt, thanks!

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