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My First called in Tom!

I've killed a couple of hens during past fall seasons sniping them with a rifle but had never called a gobbler in. First tried it last year with no success and found success this year, I am stoked beyond belief this was like very much like calling in elk during the rut. I had the same rush adrenaline blast you can only get from calling something in. I went Sunday with a friend to this area and almost had a shot at a big gobbler but he was too far. I went this morning solo and hit a friends property at first light but saw and heard nothing. I drove to BLM got there at around 10:00 am and was glad to see no other hunters. Got to the area I saw the tom Sunday and went about 400 yards further down the road and parked. I am a total rookie at this so my simple plan was to creep thru the trees and yelp with my diaphragm call till I heard something. I had walked fifty yards from the truck yelped and immediately heard an excited gobble. To say a surge of adrenaline shot thru my like lightning is no exaggeration. I found a big pine sat against and had to take a few deep breaths and let my nerves calm a minute or two. When I finally calmed down I called again and he responded as quick. This went on a couple more times and I couldn't tell if he was coming in or hanging back there was a slight rise in front of me in the direction he was. A dozen things went thru my mind like should I try and sneak towards him. I decided to sit tight and figured I had all day and I wasn't going to blow it by moving and having him bust me. I yelped and he gobbled back and I could tell he was closing the distance towards me. To the right were openings with clear shooting out to forty or fifty yards to the left were thicker trees and brush. He sounded like he was coming to the left. I didn't call rapidly but waited a few minutes and called in a softer tone. I was getting ready to call again and suddenly I see him coming from behind a tree and bush ten yards in front of me. He turned broadside to clear the bush and when he turned directly at me I let him have it in the head and he folded! Time was 10:15 am. I couldn't believe it my first called in Tom!!! This was kick ass beyond belief and I'm hooked for life! His beard measures ten inches and his spurs are 3/4 inch.

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Very cool, thanks for

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

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Awsome gobler you got there!!!!!

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Great story and a great bird.

Great story and a great bird. Congratulations on your success.

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Congratulations!  That got me

Congratulations!  That got me excited for my own turkey hunting experience in the next couple weeks.  It is a huge rush when a tom hammers back!  Congratulations again on a successful hunt and a fine bird!

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That's an awesome bird!!! 

That's an awesome bird!!!  Congrats!!!

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Congratulations on a fine

Congratulations on a fine gobbler, and thanks for sharing your story. It was a great read.

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That is awesome congrats on a

That is awesome congrats on a great hunt and full of memories.  Good looking bird.

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NICE!!! Congrats

NICE!!! Congrats SoCoKHunter! No one that doesn't turkey hunt believes me how big of an adrenaline rush you get when you've got a gobbler coming in. It is just awesome.

Great bird.

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Great story, Congrats on the

Great story, Congrats on the fine looking Tom!! sound like it was a kick in the shorts. I will have to try calling one in. Our season started on friday so I'll have to get out soon. Thanks for sharing

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Guys! Really appreciate the comments, it sure was fun and Spring turkey will definitely be on the seasonal menu from here on out.

Good hunting to all!

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