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My first bow, and ready to hunt!

Just got my first bow!! I'm jacked. I've been wanting to learn how to shoot and hunt with a bow for a few years now.
Just picked up a PSE Stinger G3 (RTS). 66#, 29". I Went to a local bow/hunt shop and tried out about 10 different makes and models and this felt the best that was in my price range. I treated buying it like buying a pistol, which ever one feels and shoots the best goes home with me. Anyways, I'm pumped and a little pissed. I just moved to central Oregon a month ago and can't hunt this season due to me not being here for 6 months. Sucks, but I figured it gives me plenty of time to really get good with this bow and a lot of time to scout.

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Congrats on the new purchase!

Congrats on the new purchase! Sounds like quite the setup. Also, it sounds like you went about your selection the right way. That is a bummer that you won't be big game hunting this year, but it should give you more time to get ready for next year. I would start figuring out the license system in Oregon, and pick out an area that you think you want to hunt next year. Then, use this season to get some quality scouting in.
I only got into archery last year, and I am glad I did. I was able to get tags when I otherwise would not have been able to, and I was able to extend my fall hunting season for an additional month and a half. Also, it got me out into the field early in the year, when the weather is generally more pleasant.
There are a couple guys from Oregon on here that participate fairly often, so if you have local questions, fire away. Congrats again on your purchase, and keep us posted with your progress.

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Welcome th BGH and to Central

Welcome th BGH and to Central Ore.
Where did you come from? Where you at over here?

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I came from Concord (Bay

I came from Concord (Bay Area), and I now live in Redmond. I absolutely LOVE it out here. BLM everywhere, and beautiful country.

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Welcome Savage!! I have a PSE

Welcome Savage!! I have a PSE stinger as well, It's a nice little starter bow. You can still hunt this year you would just have to buy a non-resident license and tag, It can be spendy. At least you should buy a license and a bear tag they are pretty cheap that way you can hit the woods with a tag and scout at the same time. If you need any info on how Oregon draws go or anything you can hit me up.

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Very nice! Congrats! Now, be

Very nice! Congrats!

Now, be ready to be addicted..... lol

Glad to see you took your time, and tried lots of models.  Some guys just go buy any bow and expect to start killing things.  Then, they found that they are stuck with a bow that does not suit them.

Good luck, keep us updated!

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Go check out the Ochico area

Go check out the Ochico area NE of Prinville. I've never hunted over there, but I have camped quite a lot and do see deer. A lot of good rock hounding over there too. I've bow hunted deer in the past, South of Silver lake, and up in the Quartz pass area east of Bly. Had luck in both of those places.

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