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My first with a bow!

Well it isn't the big buck I was hoping for but I'm still very proud of the fine doe I was able to harvest yesterday (11-20). After a slow morning hunt and only seeing 1 deer all morning my brother and I decided to hike down an old logging road we hunted back in Sept. Back then it showed great potential. We stared the mile and half hike at about 11am. The only downside was we had a big snow storm 2 days earlier and there was 14-16 inches of snow up there. We hiked the 1.5 miles in the deep snow in about an hour and a half. Just after getting back to where the road splits to 2 different clearings we stopped for a breather and just about that same time 2 doe's walked out about 70 yards down one of the splits. My brother walked down that split and I took the other. I walked maybe 50 yards and just held still. Less than 5 minutes went by and their they were getting ready to cross maybe 40 yards infront of me. I pulled back and released on the second deer as it got into the clear. I put my 40 yard pin on her and released only to watch the arrow sink 10 yards in front of her in the snow. She didn't spook to much and just walked into the thick regrowth. I waited a minute and pushed on down the road only to bust them trying to cross 10 yards in front on me, The lead doe busted me and they took off back into the thickets. I back tracked to where I missed to looked for my arrow only to catch movement in the trees. I froze, re-knocked an arrow. I had a 15 minutes stair down with the lead doe. She was only 35 yards from me but I couldn't get a shot with the thick regrowth. I just waited her out. She finally started to walk closer to me and went behind a snow covered tree so it was my chance to draw. When she came out the other side of the tree she was 20 yards away and in the clear. I put the 20 yard pin behind her front shoulder and released. The arrow was true and hit where I attened it to. I waited about 20 minutes and found my broken arrow and followed the blood trail. She went 30 yards and piled up. This was my first deer with my bow and I couldn't be happier  Big smile . She was a very big mature doe and will taste great.

127.JPG1.62 MB
125.JPG1.54 MB
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Now that looks "COLD" !

Congrats on your first bow kill ! Thumbs up I'm sure it will be a first of many more to come. Thanks for sharing the story and pics with us. Yes


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Congradulatio9ns! I tried bow

Congradulatio9ns! I tried bow hunting years ago, didn't have the patience for it

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Awesome Josh, I was waiting

Awesome Josh, I was waiting to see how you did!!!!  Seeing and reading that, gives me hope that I will at least kill a darn animal with a bow sometime in the next 20 years... lol

Great to hear!  She looks like a nice sized one too.  Should make for some excellent eating.  Definately made for a good story!  A big congrats to you!  First or 50th, gotta love the hunt and the feeling of success!

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Congratulations on your first

Congratulations on your first archery kill. I haven't hunted with a bow for around 20 years now but like you my first was a doe, in fact a couple of does was all I ever got. I'm sure you'll get better and bigger as you keep after them. Does that end it for deer for you or is there more available? either way good luck on the next hunt whether this year or next.

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Nice shootin'.  Archery is so

Nice shootin'.  Archery is so much harder to harvest an animal, any animal taken with a bow is a real accomplishment in my opinion.  Doe, buck, cow, bull, it doesn't matter, they are all hard to kill with bow and arrow.  Enjoy the good eats this winter.

Thanks for the story and pics.  Enjoyed them!

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Congrats on a great looking

Congrats on a great looking doe! I've been considering using bow and arrow next deer season.

Let us know when you come down to NM or Texas for a hunt. Big smile

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Thanks for the great

Thanks for the great comments! It was a fun hunt. My season runs until DEC 9th but that was going to be the last day I would be able to get out due to last minute family obligations so I made the decision to take a doe if one presented a shot. I was scouting a couple nice bucks over the year but on opening moring we found a big deer body with no head right next to the road. I reported it to the state police. I'm sure it was one of the big bucks I was watching this fall. My dad saw a really nice 3x3 on opening morning but wasnt able to get into range. I got her all cut up and took the meat to my meat shop and she yeiled 61 pounds of goods for jerkey and summer sausage.

Wade- yea I'm done now for the year

prhunter- I would love to hunt in NM one of these years.

Here are a few more pics.

134.JPG1.69 MB
135.JPG1.69 MB
131.JPG1.51 MB
126.JPG1.57 MB
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Great story and pictures, I

Great story and pictures, I really enjoyed them both. Once again congrats on you first bow kill, hopefully we will get to see and hear about many more!!!!!

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Congrats on your first bow

Congrats on your first bow kill.  Looks like a great trophy to me.  Anything with a bow is a great trophy.  My first was antelope from a blind on a water hole.  Of all the animals I have taken that would be the second best memory, only beaten by my first elk taken...with a gun though...again congrats!

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  Always a great feeling on


Always a great feeling on that very first deer with a bow.  Congrats numbnuts!  That is a fine deer.  It is all down here from now on.  Every next bow shot is a piece of cake.  Just kidding.  I get the same rush on every animal I harvest.  This year I used only rifle but next year I branch out and get back to my bow and muzzleloader.  A great story unfolded and shared by you - also great pics too!  Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


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