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My first black bear (Pic - Chocolate color phase)


Finally settled back in at home in Alabama after a dream black bear hunt in Saskatchewan last week. Arrowed my first ever black bear (only 225 lb, but just beautiful chocolate coat, and since this was my first ever bear hunt, I'm elated). Forgive the Steve Martin "arrow through the head" photo error - unintentional but the comedy just part of the charm. I had a chance at what appeared to be a 400 lb. black - came back side, and had a standoff with me a solid 5 minutes before he turned and bolted. No chance with my bow shot looking back through limbs and with him head on at me.
Counted and videod over 26 bears. On my kill of this bear, I double lunged him (Mathews Drenalin, 65 # draw wt, Easton full metal jacket arrow, tipped with Slick Trick 125 gr magnums) at 27 yards. He went a mere 5 yards, climbed a tree, slid down, death moan. Got the whole hunt on video (camera arm I attached for my camcorder)! What a great trip!


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My first black bear (Pic - Chocolate color phase)

Congrats!!! Great looking bear!!!! Yes

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My first black bear (Pic - Chocolate color phase)

Congrats on the nice bear.

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My first black bear (Pic - Chocolate color phase)

Congrats to you... Thumbs up

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My first black bear (Pic - Chocolate color phase)

Congrats on a great looking bear. Nice colour for sure.

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