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My first bear

Hey, new to the forums, just thought I'd post pictures of my first bear. I shot it in Northwest Washington in September 22.

It was really exciting, after hunting all summer, my buddy and had not yet been successful. We camped at a trailhead on the night of the 21st and started hiking just before daylight. We were no more than a quarter mile down the trail when this bear stood up 6 yards away. I quickly said, "321SHOOT!" The bear rolled over right there. We literally shot the arteries right off the heart. When we cut open the body cavity, the heart bounced right down the hill. It was quite exciting to finally get a bear after three years of hunting very hard for one. I am having it made into a rug which I plan to mount on my wall. We estimate the bear to be just over 200 pounds. It measured just under 6 feet from nose to tail.

Be sure to check out my website if you want to see some other hunting and outdoors pictures.

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My first bear

Welcome to the site! Nice bear. Thumbs up

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