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Glad you had a good time

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Nice Buck

That’s a nice Colorado Muley deer that your father shot. Congrats to him and filling the freezer. Sorry that you did not fill your tags this year. But by the sounds of it although you didn’t harvest anything you got something more from the hunt. You experienced wonderful country and saw some amazing animals, and that’s sounds like an accomplishment in itself. I myself tag filled or not would have enjoyed every minute of it! So congratulations to you on the experience!! And thanks for sharing. 


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Thanks Guys!!

Thanks Guys!! I still have one more chance this year at getting a cow for the late season!! Hopefully I can make something happen if not I always have next year!! Thumbs up

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Congrats to your dad on the

Congrats to your dad on the nice buck. Where did he shoot it at? Looks like maybe a neck shot? Lots of blood, looks like dropped right there. On your elk hunt its always great to share a hunt with a new and learn new areas and diffren senery

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