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My Central Texas Buck

took this buck about 4:30 pm on a slightly overcast day. He came into a feeder set up along the banksof the San Gabriel river in a hidden little canyon that was barely 80 yards across. It had a open area to the left of the feeder that was about 60 yards of short to knee high grass. To the left of the feeder was a brushy area that was full of 3 to 5 inch diameter trees and short shrub type bushes that ended in a 50 foot high rock wall. The end of the rock wall ended in a bluff that almost ran out to the river in that direction. He was pursuing a doe and come in through the trees and stopped about 40 yards out from my stand, just barely out of the trees.

He is a typical 8-pointer but 5 of his tines,including the ends of the main beam, are split for at least 3 inches in crab claws. This made him a 13-pointer. Even though he may look young this was a very old deer. He had no front teeth left to speak of and his molars were very worn down. His live body weight was only in the 120 lb range but I believe that this is due to him pursuing does during the rut. A local rancher said he had seen the same deer earlier in the year and he had looked to be around 160 lbs live weight. Happy Hunting!

Follow this link to the picture. Just click on the thumbnail not available box and it should take you to the picture.


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My Central Texas Buck


That is interesting that the buck had completely worn down the front teeth. I'd guess that would put him 5 plus at least.

Congrats on a nice buck!

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My Central Texas Buck

congrats!!!! very nice buck!!!

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My Central Texas Buck

very nice looking buck!! congrats :smile:

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My Central Texas Buck

Nice deer, I might be coming down to hunt on my uncle's inlaws ranch next year. I think its a little east of Dallas,and its supposed to be loaded with deer.

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