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My Buck, finally......

Thanks everyone! Just glad I finally got one. The Story.

Not sure if everyone remembers the story from last year, but my Dad finally, after 40 years or so, inherited his Dad's gun. I never met my Grandfather on that side, he died before I was born. But my Dad says I would have loved him, he was a hunter and outdoorsman from Southwest Pennsylvania.

My Dad decided to take his first ever deer with that gun. It's a Model 71 Winchester .348, a big gun. Last year, he got a great 8 point, 163 lbs, an hour into the season, and when we left, he handed me the gun and said it was mine. I couldn't be happier, and being a sentimentalist at heart, I wanted to kill a deer with that gun. Even if it handicapped me because of no scope, and it had been 12. I was ready to use a cannon.....lol

Last quick thing, both the last times I was home to hunt, 2008 and last year, Dad offered me his stand. I said no, he could take it. So he proceeded to shoot a nice 8 point each time an hour into the season. I told him after last year I was taking his stand this time. Wink

So Saturday morning was perfect. Little to no breeze, and a nice 28-29 degrees. Saw the typical wildlife I have become accustomed to, squirrels, partridge, birds, and even saw my first while in the woods in 20 years or so coyote trot by. Coulda shot him, but I can't bring myself to kill anything I am not going to eat. Just a moral thing, I guess. So he walked. At just before 9, I had 6 does walk by me in a parade. I stayed some hoping a buck was following, but none came.

Sunday morning, another great morning. Watched the squirrels for an hour, then I heard movement where the does came from. It was a lone deer eating some briar leaves about 40 yards away. I saw some horn right away, but thought my eyes were deceiving me. I picked up the binos, saw a fork, knew it was legal, and put the binos down. He ate a little more, then committed a little more towards me than the does had. Quick funny note....... Of the 3 bucks I have shot before, 2 were so close, I couldn't move, and had to slide the gun up and shoot left handed. Well, this deer came from the right direction, and was walking more or less right at me, so I didn't want to risk much movement. He moved to behind the tree, and I waited for the shooting lane. He moved, I bleated, I shot, he bucked. Surprised this little guy ran 75 yards with a .348 sized hole in his heart.

Well, I'm more than happy. Took my first deer in 12 years, in my Dad's stand, with him a few hundred yards away, and with my grandfather's gun. Biggest # of points on any of my bucks, but smallest deer. I will explain that little tidbit later.

Good luck everyone hunting the next few days. Also, most importantly, Happy Verteran's Day to all who do or have served, and thanks for doing so!!! I will catch up more on Wednesday when I get back.

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Very nice story and pic ! Congrats on a great buck and a great hunt ! It is even cooler you used your dads stand and grand dads rifle.



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I enjoyed the story of your

I enjoyed the story of your hunt. Sounds like your Dad has a productive deer stand. My dad also has a 348 Winchester. One year I was sighted it in for him and wack, deep scope cut, bled like a stuck hog. That big ole bore throws out a hunk of lead alright.

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Congrats on the deer! Great

Congrats on the deer! Great story.

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Great job! Really happy you knocked one down with the cannon. Great to get it done with a family heirloom! Great pic also. Cheers

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Love it!

I love the family connection and the tradition. That is very cool. A big congratulations and kudos to you for NOT giving up! Well done.

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Congratulations on your buck!!

Nice buck and wonderful story. I really enjoyed it. Nothing better than sharing the hunting experience than with family and friends!

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Congrats Sean! I just found

Congrats Sean! I just found your post today and don't know how I missed it?!?! I knew you would get one this year! Great story and picture!

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Hey Sean,

                  Great to see you had a great hunt with your Dad. The idea of hunting with your Dad and using a rifle passed down from him, makes your success all that much sweeter. We all already know, however, that the greatest joy is in simply sharing a hunt with our families!

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Can't beat a family

Can't beat a family tradition!


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