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My brother in law might just be nuts....but he is convinced!!!

He swears every time I talk to him that he has a problem that everyone in his small town knows about but NO ONE...including the sherriff will put in writing.  He lives near Grant's Post or Grant's Pass or Granite Pass? A little bedroom community outside of a bigger town.  anyhow he swears he has the Bigfoots all over the back of his property.  He says the sherriff knows (his property borders on the other side).  Now he sounds serious and gets upset when i yank his chain over this (which I do frequently) but I AM willing to stop.  I just want an HONEST opinion.  Does anyone in this reason to believe he might be tellin me the truth?  He really gets upset when I start making jokes about that Bigfoot show.  

He claims the sherriff has the same problem but is had a terrible couple of experiences and is scared of them and don't want to write him (my BIL) a police report becasue he don't want to sound crazy.  

Full disclosure.  I have never been West of Texas.  So i don't know.  

I don't necessarily believe or not belive but I would like to know if I am being unfair.  I have started to watch the bigfoot show to research but would love to hear from those of you who have actually hunted the region.

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My brother in law literally lives where they filmed one of those bigfoot shows in teh 1970s.  My advice is that your relation can easily solve his problem - tell him to catch them on film. His "bigfoot" might not be what he expects.  And if it IS - then he has PROOF!

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It's Grant's Pass. I wouldn't

It's Grant's Pass. I wouldn't cut him any slack on it. Shoot, the guy is sleeping with your sister!lol

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