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My biggest elk shed to date!

 Me and my friends went shed hunting today, we hiked our butts of all day, towards the end of the day I spotted tips in the tall brush. being so descouraged no finding anything the hole day I really didnt think much but I took a few steps forward and something didnt feel right so I turned around to go check it out. as I got closer I knew right off the bat it was a shed but didnt realise how big it was tell I walked up to it. haha im still pretty stoked Thumbs up , ended up finding 3 sheds between the 3 of us and mine was the biggest! Any ideas to how big of a bull the shed goes to ? picture doesnt do justice!

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Nice find, congrats.


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Great shed !!


That is a very nice shed ! Congrats ! Thumbs up As far as the score goes, it's very hard to tell from the pic.


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It has nice 4ths, but the

It has nice 4ths, but the rest of the rack is really not much to make for a decent score.  Here is a nice 6x6 that I found both sides within 50 yards of each other and put them together with a kit from VanDykes.

Turkey Hunt 014.JPG
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