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Here in Ohio we can take up 6

Here in Ohio we can take up 6 deer. No more than one antlered deer. You could choose to take out 6 doe if you didn't have any bucks worthy of shooting.

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6 deer on 1 tag?  Holy

6 deer on 1 tag?  Holy cannoli!  I grew up hunting in North Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota... 1 tag, 1 deer... always gender specific.

Like several others, I grew up hunting with family in ND.  They'd sit up on the ridges and send me down at 6 years old to go trapsing through the undergrowth to move deer forward.  Typical deer drives in the badlands of ND.

I shot a .22, my BB gun (can't beat the price of that ammo!), and my bow for hours on end out at my Dad's place.  I shot entirely free hand without sights or any of the fancy gear on a bow picked up at a local pawn shop.  My Dad had more of the high end stuff.  Was always funny though, he could put 12 arrows in a 3" circle... of course that meant if he missed with #1, numbers 2 through 12 were going to as well.  I would hit a 1 foot paper plate from anywhere but I would hit it everywhere

As for bow hunting, only went once.  It was a good experience but I prefer the active stalking with a rifle to the sit and wait game of a bow.  Some family issues caused me to give up all hunting since then.  Hope to get back into it now that I'm back in the "west" in Utah.  I'm thinking chasing Elk around with a bow sounds like a lot of fun :)  The better weather and longer season are both appealing too!