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I don't know if I should

I don't know if I should laugh, or be disturbed by that photo..... lol



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I didn't realize mannequins

I didn't realize mannequins could stop an arrow.  Nice group though.  I always seem to have a loner who is anti-social and doesn't want to be part of the group Big smile


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Everyone should laugh at the

Everyone should laugh at the photo...

I had a really fun afternoon shooting the crap out of three of them.

They are made from a cardboard paper mache type material, with a cloth outer layer.

The shoulders are really thick but the mid section is about 1/4 in thick.

I was useing field points, they were penetrating both sides, but not "passing through".

In this photo I was at 20 yards, but I was shooting from 30, 40 and 50 yards as well.

Thumbs up

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My picks for NM hunts

I got all my hunting apps in for this year, did the normal: elk, deer, and antelope.... 

Still waiting for my antelope tag...   I put in for the Valles Caledera lottery this year for a cow hunt, since I live fairly close, and would just love to hunt up in the Jemez Mountains... 

Also applied for these in the general lottery

Elk-Unit 6Ax2 and Unit 51 as a backup...

Deer-All Unit 2....   Still waiting on this tag

Antelope-I apply every year and still dont get this one.... 


Anxiously awaiting the results on the draw, I really want the VC tag or just the elk 6A tag, since I love it up there!!