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My 2006 whitetail.....

A good spot indeed, those are some nice bucks.

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My 2006 whitetail.....

Nontypical , For me, getting a buck 30 yrds or less is great and pulling back my bow and shooting him at 15 or 20 is even better.To me it's the fact that if I can't get him that close I not going to get him...and it makes it interesting......and by drawing my bow back I get the feel of a true 1 on1 chess match......All my bucks mean alot to me .....but nothing compares to a buck w/a bow! not knock'n ya ...just my 2 cents......those are nice bucks ya got there.

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My 2006 whitetail.....

No offense taken unclebuck...to each his own. Our kind of hunting wouldn't fit your way of hunting. We pride ourselves in getting deer CLOSE!!! As mentioned above my son shot his deer at 7 yds. from the ground. Now, this is an 8 yr. old little boy. He shot his 12 pt. last year at a distance of 10 yds. from the ground. If not for shooting my crossbow these 2 deer would not have happened. As for every deer meaning something to you that's great. But, just because our choice of weapon is a crossbow doesn't take away the meaning of the animal taken. Every deer on my wall in our game room has a story behind it and I can relive it just like it happened yesterday. Because it was taken with a crossbow doesn't mean the thrill isn't there. I have 1 buck I shot at a distance of 3 yds....this deer had no idea I was there. I rattled him in from a bean field where he was sparring with another buck. He came looking for the other deer(me). I had no shot at 12 yds. do to the weeds in the way. He turned and started through the fence row right where I stood. I shot him at point blank range. When he jumped forward I turned because I thought he was going to jump on me...the weeds that caught on my arrow sticking out of his shoulder hit me in the middle of the back!!! Exciting....just a little. You're right.....there is nothing like it!!!!!

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My 2006 whitetail.....

What kind of ground blind are you using, if any?

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My 2006 whitetail.....

Thumbs up Thumbs up

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My 2006 whitetail.....

Some great Bucks Nontyp!

I had the misfortune of getting the "fever" for my first Buck (or deer for that matter) earlier this season. About 15 yards out of a treestand.

After reading this, I'm looking sooooooo forward to the day, time..whatever!

I did manage my first deer this year however, a Doe during rifle season, it too, as in your case, was out of a ground blind. Think I may try that a little more.

When you're setting up your blind, are you nestled with trees to your back? Are you in a clearing?

I find it hard to watch out 4 windows without too much movement. I have a blind with the sceens but still, I try to be as still/quiet as possible.

Any tips appreciated.

Thanks for the post!

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