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Great story and great pictures. And, even better than them, great memories for your entire family!!  Thumbs up

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The Best Hunt You'll Ever Have...

At least until your 10 year old gets his first.  The two best hunts I've ever had were the when my two kids got their first big game, one a forky this year.  CA hit it on the head - it's not (or at least shouldn't) be about the size or the sex but the experience, the hunt & the people involved.

There will be other hunts, other deer both does and bucks and there will be other species but there will never be another first for your son & you got to share that with him - to be a part of it.  As far as I'm concerned there is no other better trophy.

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  Congrats to your son on his


Congrats to your son on his first deer!  It is the first step towards many more memorable hunts you get to enjoy with him.  That is a priceless moment and one you will never forget.  Congrats on being able to have a second memory to come in 2 years as well.  Great picture of both sons and their smiles - awesome!  Thanks for sharing the story and pics with us all.



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Congrats on your

Congrats on your harvest.

Hope you get many deer in your future hunting career.

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Taking our first game is part of what makes us who we are today.

We look back on our first deer fondly whether it had antlers attached or not.  It is cool that he gets the thrill of taking a deer and gets to have a thrill of a ‘first’ again when he takes his first buck.  The doe surely will be good eating too.  I know that when I took my first deer, I was as proud of that little fork horned white tail buck as if he had been an African bull elephant with hundred pound ivory tusks on each side!  Your son probably feels the same.  There is no doubt that taking our first game is part of what makes us who we are today.  Thank you for sharing the photos. Applause

Your son had better luck than I did!  It took me until my fourth year of hunting to bag a deer. Of course I was trying it solo and he has a great Dad to help him get a jump start!   You’ve got him off to a great start.  Fantastic job Dad and congratulations on your success as well as congratulations to him!   There is just nothing better than sharing a passion like hunting with someone you love.  As much as I like hunting with my friends, my son is my number one hunting partner hands down J  We bagged his first deer Thanksgiving morning and had one more thing to be grateful for!  The story will follow on this website soon! Right after I get it written up!  Yes

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Great job young man on your

Great job young man on your first deer. Way to go Dad. Looks like the future is bright for your future hunts. IMO some of the best family times that I've had was with my children hunting and camping.

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congrats!! ince deer

Nice job on the hunt. Those of us with kids know just how special they are!


Two years ago I had the oppertunity for my son to harvest his first, a mulie. This November was my daughters turn with a whitetail. They were without a doubt the two best hunts I have ever been on.


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