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My 12 yo son's first deer

I wanted my son's first tag to be a relatively easy one to fill, so I got him a doe tag for Colorado unit 41 (45 minutes from my house).  The deer itself is just another doe, but helping my son set up on her and take her from 100 yards was as thrilling as any buck I've ever taken. He earned the youth-size .243 I bought him by mowing the lawn and pulling weeds all summer. Her backstraps were mighty tasty too.  His 10 yo brother that was with us now can't wait for his turn in 2 years.  I now have hunting partners for may years to come.

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Very nice! Congrats to you

Very nice! Congrats to you and your son!  Thumbs up

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That is outstanding and a big

That is outstanding and a big congratulation to both the hunter and to dad. The smiles on the boys faces in that photo tell the whole story. Great job setting him up for success and I am sure the same will happen for your younger son too. I will never forget my sons first deer which was a doe too but I think I was more excited and nervous than he was. It is a very special event and you did a great job for your son and hunting as a whole.

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What a cool dad you are

What a cool dad you are

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Thats what it is all about !!!

Congrats to your son on a great first deer ! Thumbs up It only gets better from here ! We have three doe tags for the same unit in 3rd season.


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Fantastic and congratulations

Fantastic and congratulations on your success!! my first deer was a button buck but even a doe would have been better than that little guy. It's so exciting to be a part of our childrens first deer and all the planning that goes into it. Both of my kids took bucks when they were 12 years old and were very fortunate to get the chances they did. Back then there were no doe tags offered for the area we hunt in so that was all we had to work with. They both have doe tags this year still for the third season so hopefully we will have some luck there. Some years we have just s hard of a time filling the doe tags we are able to get as we do with the buck tags.

Congratulations again to your son and hopefully he will continue to enjoy more success. Good luck to the other one as well when it's his turn to carry the rifle.

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Congrats to both you and your

Congrats to both you and your son.  I too cannot wait til I can get my 6 year old out there and getting him on his first deer or antelope.  Kudos to you for getting them afield.  She looks like a great doe and I am sure she will eat great!

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Great job to the both of you.

Great job to the both of you. Dancing There is nothing like your son getting his first deer. My problem was I put my son on his first buck deer and it was better than any I had ever taken. He thought that was how it was allways going to be, no such luck but we sill have great hunts 16 years later.

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great job.  nothing like

great job.  nothing like getting them young ones out into the outdoors and passing on our herritage.

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Thanks for posting the comments and pics for all of us to enjoy.  I'm just getting my son started big game hunting too and we've had a bunch of fun as well.  The smiles and hugs are so gratifying and I'll be remembering his first harvests for the rest of my life--still brings warm fuzzies when I think about them.:yes:

My son got his first deer last year in Nebraska and hasn't slowed down since.  I don't know who is more excited about getting out hunting together, he or I.  It is so much fun to get to hunt for the first time all over again.  And lucky you, you get to do it all again in a couple more years!

Congrats on his success.  Here's to a lifetime of great memories with those we care about the most!  Thanks again for sharing it with us.

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There is no "just another

There is no "just another doe" when it is your son's, his first, and he looks as happy as he is!  A big congrats to him, and to you as the Dad for getting him out there.  He definately looks hooked.

I don't think you could have done any better, or seen him any happier, even if it was a big 4x4.  Just tell him he has to work up to it now, right? Wink

It actually kind of annoys me to see some of these photos of kids who are 10-12, and their parent has taken them to some outfitter for their first deer where they shoot some B&C animal.  To each their own, everyone's got a right to do what they want, but I think "just another doe" is a perfectly good place to start!

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