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My 06 Muley

I put this in the Muley section as well but I wanted my Rocky Mountain friends to see my dear and my deer. Big smile My dear was a real trooper and never complained. She even helped me field dress him. She's a keeper!

He's not a real big buck but time was a bit limited. Now I'm after elk here in a few weeks.

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My 06 Muley

Good Job! Thumbs up Congratulations on the Deer and the Dear. Big smile One of these years she might start carrying a weapon too and hunt beside you.

My wife hunts and we have a blast. She doesn't like the wilderness type of hunting, yet. lol I finally got her to hunt wapiti with me, last year. She use to always say, "I'll hunt with you but not elk, you guys get to serious about hunting elk and I don't think I'll like that type of hunting, hiking in 5-10 miles day after day, up and down those mountains. No I'll just stick with deer & antelope".

So far she has killed a Bear, buck Pronghorn, buck Muley and she shot a 5point bull Elk last year.

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My 06 Muley

Congrats Thumbs up Both a keeper for sure Big smile

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My 06 Muley

Thumbs up
motto at our house freezer first, wall hangers next

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My 06 Muley

Congrats on the Deer. And getting to share the experience with your girl is a big plus.

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My 06 Muley

Congrats RatherBe. The challenge of a hunt is inversely proportional to the length of time you have, which makes it all the more rewarding to bag one in a short time.

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My 06 Muley

Looks like you both had a good time. My wife decided she is comming with me this year, so we're going to do a trial run scouting and see how she likes it.


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