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Muzzleloading in GMU 71

We are moving to GMU 71 this year after several years of hunting NE of Gunnison.  Our previous area was starting to attract too many hunters and decided to try something new.  Any suggestions on hunting this area.  I generally like to pack in several miles to a spike camp and hunt from there. I am a retired serviceman and enjoy the solitude of the Rockies.  62 yrs old and in reasonable shape for an old guy.  Hitting the treadmill and weights three times a week trying to get ready.  Been looking at the area on Google Earth and am getting excited!!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Booshway  Big smile

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You may want to try the

You may want to try the drainages on the south side of Hwy 145 from Scotch's Creek to Sheep Peak. The south side is not as steep as the north side, but it's still fairly difficult terrian, more so towards Rico. I would hunt the areas about halfway between the highway and the unit boundary at 74 (Hermosa Creek) side that contain no marked trail. Which unit were you hunting in Gunnison 55 or 551?

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