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Muzzleloader success

My co-worker and good bud Steve had a good success on his muzzleloader speedgoat hunt taking a 14inch buck. Here's the hunt story he emailed me:

"ok. i went to a new area to hunt. kinda went in blind... after hunting a while & not getting close enough to the first buck antelope we saw. we were in the truck & spotted a nice buck with a good herd of doe s we went to the west end of the property& watched them for a bit& decided we might be able to set up a ambush. we had to cover about a half mile of open ground to setup next to the sage brush they were feedin in. we waited about 20 minutes just watchin them gettin closer. then the herd except the buck moved down wind.. & the buck stared in that direction for a few seconds then turned to leave.. he gave me about a 100 yrd shot quarting away. one shot from the 50 cal muzzleloader was all it took& he was mine"

Steve's a heckuva hunter and I told him I'd post his hunt info and pic on this site! He's also a heckuva a archery elk hunter and has shared some good hunting info with me so, thanks Steve and congrats on a great buck!

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Very cool to take a prarie

Very cool to take a prarie goat with a muzzle loader. Plan on trying that in Wyoming where ever I can get back up there. Nice looking buck and tell your buddy congratulations from me.

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Congrats Steve on your

Congrats Steve on your smokepole buck. Thumbs up

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Muzzleloader, rifle, or

Muzzleloader, rifle, or archery, that's a fine antelope!  Congrats on a nice animal!

I really like hunting with a muzzleloader, but rarely get the chance.  Out deer season out here is right at Christmas, so that's tough.  Then, the out of state hunts are hard to get alot of the time.  Maybe one of these years I will get to do an out of state one.

Anyway, congrats again!!!

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Congrats on your harvest!!!

Congrats on your harvest!!!

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Vary nice

Vary nice

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Great job on getting one with

Great job on getting one with a muzzleloader. I love to hunt antelope but have yet to use anything but my regular hunting rifle. I considered putting in here in Colorado for the permit years ago but don't like that they put the season during the second rifle season. It interferes with our deer hunts and there is just too many other guys out there. Maybe I'll have to try it in Wyoming during the regular season as there is a lot more time and animals to chase. Either that or maybe with a pistol or something first.

Congratulations again on a great goat and hunting experience.

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Nice buck and great pic.

Nice buck and great pic.  Thanks for posting it for all of us to enjoy.  I've never taken the muzzleloader out for antelope, but the thought has crossed my mind.  Maybe next year.

Thanks again!

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Great Job Steve!

That sounds like a Hunt!

Nevada has just recently opened a muzzleloader only antelope season for a few selected areas and it's been my first choice but no luck so far.

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nice buck. 

nice buck. 

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Taking a speed goat with a slow bullet – Now that’s kind of cool

Taking a speed goat with a slow bullet – Now that’s kind of cool.  Applause


Congratulations to your buddy Steve I've never even see a pronghorn in the wild let alone tried to harvest one but

 he makes it sound EASY!  Despite that even I know that it isn’t as easy as he makes it sound!

  He left out all kinds of details like getting into position while staying under cover, watching the wind, and knowing exactly where that smoke pole hits at the hundred yard range.   Thanks for sharing the story and the picture.  Pictures always make a story better in my humble opinion!  Mike

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