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Muzzleloader Shotgun

I went turkey hunting last Spring and plan to go again this Spring. I borrowed a shotgun last year and want to get my own this year.

I saw a show on TV and the woman used a muzzleloader shotgun for turkey hunting and thought it was neat and challenging.

Any thoughts on using a muzzleloader shotgun? Good idea or bad idea? Suggestions on make and model?


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Muzzleloader Shotgun

That sounds cool!....so I'd say great idea. I'm looking for a 12 ga. or 10 ga smooth bore to accompany my kentuky flinter and my trade rifle.

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Muzzleloader Shotgun

Hi All I am new here. I have hunted pretty much exclusively small game with a t/c new englander 12 gauge I have had for namy years. I have takey grouse rabbits pheasnat and even a couple turkeys. It is fun to do and is really a good feeling to do it that way.

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Muzzleloader Shotgun

The cool thing about a muzzleloader shotgun is that you don't give up anything in range to a modern shotgun (as opposed to muzzleloader rifles that just cannot make those 300-400 yard shots that are possible--even if not usually recommended--by modern rifles).