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Muzzleloader Kit

Im thinking about Buying a Traditions kentucky Muzzleloder Kit. But i would like to now how barrel bluing is done and how hard it is?

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Muzzleloader Kit

I built a 50 cal hawkins from a kit when I was in high school.
I bought a bluing kit from a gun shop, it was a lot of work and the results were poor at best. What I would recomend is to prep the barrel and get it ready for blueing then take it to a reputable gunsmith for the bluing process.
Another option is traditional "browning" and I understand that this is a much easier process for the do-it yourselfer???

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Muzzleloader Kit

I made my flinter from the same kit that you are considering. They sure do make a fine rifle. Bluing is a little bit more tricky than browning a barrel. First you have to degreese your barrel repeatedly. I used dish soap and hot water, over and over. When I thought it was done, I cleaned it one more time. Then I used a cold bluing kit and submerged the barrel. It turned out quit well.