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MuzzleLoader Accident

Hey Guys,

Never thought I would admit this but it may be theraputic. I made a pretty stupid mistake out at the range and my embarassment is worth it if it keeps someone else from making the same mistake.
I forgot my T handle adapter so I had to use something else to get my long rod down the barrel. On the second try, I accidentally left the rod in and got ready to shoot. My son pointed this out and I thought "oh...need to be careful of that". AT THAT MOMENT...I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED because the camoflaged rod was too easy to forget when you're concentrating on the target and everything else.
Yes...I did it again and the second time my son wasn't so perceptive. I pulled the trigger on my brand new Triumph and it kicked so hard that it busted my safety glasses and nearly knocked me out. I have no idea where the rod went and I just thank God that the gun didn't explode.
Anyway, how can I tell if this bit of idiocy hurt the gun? I don't see anything obvious but I'm no gunsmith.

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MuzzleLoader Accident

Dang, that sounds scary. Glad you nor anyone else was not hurt.

Gun is prolly ruined so you may as well just send it to me and I'll dispose of it for you. I am a certified Gun Disposal Expert. neener!

Gun should be fine.

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MuzzleLoader Accident

Experts say it was a fairly commen occurance when war was fought with MLrs. Soldiers were in an awful hurry to get off that next round and would shoot their ramrod at the other side. I am sure your gun is better than your shoulder Laugh
Your bullet went from a couple hundred grns to over a couple thousand, something had to absorb all that energy!