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Muzzle velocity VS Muzzle Energy

Hey guys, I called my local walmart, and they have a savage bolt action .17 HMR for 177.99, but they also have a marlin bolt action .22 magnum for 197.99. I am having trouble picking the one to buy. So I have boiled it down to this, would you rather have more velocity 2550 with the .17HMR with 245 lbs. of ME. or have a velocity of 2200 but have ME of 322 lbs.? You decide, all feedback appreciated.

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Muzzle velocity VS Muzzle Energy

Myself I'd rather have th .22 magnum, maybe not the long range tack driver like the .17 but its a little more medicine for coyotes I'd use it on. If I were only shooting squirels, bunnies and the occasional partridge the .17 hands down.

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Muzzle velocity VS Muzzle Energy

The 17HMR is a fun cartridge, but its not going to hit coyotes as hard as the 22wmr (especially with a hot load). Although CCI has several 20gr 17hmr loads available these days that should help.

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Muzzle velocity VS Muzzle Energy

Long time fan of the 22 mag., wan't impressed with it on a P-dog shoot especially when the wind picks up.

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Muzzle velocity VS Muzzle Energy

The cost of ammo would be the biggest factor for me for a plinking gun, but that is just me. my self I would buy the 22 mag.

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