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Muzzle Loader

I am thinking about buying a muzzle loader, and I was wondering what is the best and least expensive muzzle loader on the market now in your opinion?

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Muzzle Loader

That is 2 different questions. Traditions has an inexpensive ML but you get what you pay for, IMO the tc encore is the best because of the oppitions that come along with it, buy one and end up with 100 defferent guns some time down the line as money allows. Just my thoughts.


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Muzzle Loader

Are you looking for an inline or a traditional side lock?
With either one you can't go wrong with a T.C. Thopson Center.

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Muzzle Loader

I'll recommend the Lyman GPR in .50 perc. as a trad. ML and any kind of the Traditions break open ML in .50 as a modern one. The newest model is the buckstalker. It has break open system and is available in .50.



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Muzzle Loader

no brainer, CVA Accura Thumbs up I havent heard one complaint about this muzzle loader yet. The trigger is also awesome straight from the factory.

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Muzzle Loader

Like most everything else there is certainly something to "you get what you pay for". That being said I shoot a Traditions break action and have no problems or issues. I uncategorically reccomend it for someone just starting out.

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Muzzle Loader

rjr, I shoot a CVA Optima and would recommend it to anyone. It shoots great and is easy to clean. It fit right in with my budget as well. Whatever you decide on though, if this is your first, welcome to the world of muzzle loader hunting. I am sure you will love it.

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