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Leaving the brake on when

Leaving the brake on when cleaning gets the brake dirty. It has nothing to do with cleaning the gun.

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When a brake is installed on a barrel, the brake becomes part of the gun.  The holes in a brake or the ports of a ported barrel get a carbon build-up in them from repeated firings.  When I clean my guns with brakes I also clean the brakes.   When I'm done, the gun is clean and the brake is clean.  Its all part of the cleaning process.

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I'm late to the thread here

I'm late to the thread here but just have to agree on the Vais brake. I've had 4 of them installed now and love them. Not super loud and very effective. And I do shoot prone in the field in all conditions and have never had a problem with dust. Local gunsmith in Rifle Colorado charges $300 though.

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Stock Brake

The one that came on my Weatherby( Factory ) showers me with debri and pebbles in prone. But, I also made the mistake of shooting at a deer in the dark timber after a heavy snow. It knocked the snow off every Pine tree around me and dowsed me pretty bad with about 8 inches of snow.

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After having a few range days

After having a few range days with both rifles, the 300 wby with the kdf and the 7mag with the vais; as much as I hate to admit it the vais is a better brake hands down. It has a larger percentage of recoil reduction with less noise. I know they're two different calibers but I've shot both of these rifles with and without the brakes for a long time....vais will be what goes on the 340 wby I have my eye in next and every large bore from here on.

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